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Traditional, "organic" Search Engine Optimization or SEO Services gets your website prominently placed in the search engines' results. Our Houston Area based firm's search engine optimization services include:

  • A comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Site Design Analysis. We analyze all facets of your site according to our lengthy SEO checklist. We look at your design, graphics, use of technologies, architecture, navigation, and coding to determine how search engine-friendly your site is. Search engines are unable to read or understand many of the most recent techniques used by web developers. We'll recommend any workarounds that might be necessary so that your site is as welcoming to search engines as possible, without sacrificing the visitor's experience.
  • A SEO Spam Avoidance Analysis. Many clients are unclear as to which search engine marketing tactics search engines allow, and which can get you into trouble. We'll help determine how to avoid problems in your site design.
  • Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research. We determine which keyword phrases the site should be optimized for. We consult a number of resources and compile a list of hundreds of potential keyword phrases. Then we research which keyword phrases are actually being used the most frequently.
  • We also provide the Keyword Research Services as a separate service. Our clients have found that the keyword phrases have many uses outside of the search engine optimization campaigns. They are able to harness the information to identify trends in their industry, to get a better understanding of their target market's needs, to figure out what articles to write that would be interesting to the broadest audience, to figure out what information to add to their web site to make the site more useful to their visitors, and much, much more.
  • Search Engine Optimized Text & Tags. We optimize each web page for one to three search terms. Our copywriter will fit search terms in without disrupting the flow of your message. The copywriter will incorporate the Text & Tags into the code.
  • Search Engine Friendly Site Map Creation. We will create a site map for your web site that will be submitted to the search engines to make sure that your entire web site gets indexed by the search engines.  We can or your web designer can add it to your web site.
  • Search Engine Submission of your site to the most-used search engines. Some of these engines charge sites for inclusion. We'll provide an estimate of these costs and advise which paid inclusion engines may (or may not) be worthwhile.
  • Search Engine Directories. If your site isn't already in the top directories (Yahoo, LookSmart, Open Directory Project), and we determine it's in your best interest to be there, we'll handle it for you. This includes recommending the best category and crafting a site description that includes your key search terms and entices your target audience to click through.
  • Search Engine Optimization Baseline Reporting. We'll supply a baseline report before any work is done as our "before" snapshot. Three to four weeks after submitting the site, we'll supply our first "after" report. Reporting can include rankings, site traffic, and conversions, depending upon your needs.

The process can take as little as four to six weeks from start to submission, but if significant site changes are necessary, it can take longer. Ongoing support and reporting is recommended, but never required. Read below for more details about our Ongoing Support and Reporting services.

* Note that the fees charged by some search engines and directories for inclusion/submission are in addition to our fees. These will be estimated and approved in advance, and are never marked up in any way.

Search Engine Optimization | Search Engine Optimization Reporting

Search Engine Optimization Reporting

After we optimize your site and submit it to the search engines, we recommend that we check your rankings, traffic and conversions on a monthly basis for at least the first three to six months. It takes time for rankings to build, and this will allow us to detect if there are any glitches or if additional work needs to be done.

Each month (or each quarter), we will provide you with these reports for Search Engine Optimization:

  • Search Engine Rankings. We'll provide you with a one-page, easy-to-read document showing your site's rankings for all the search terms and search engines we're targeting.
  • Search Engine Ranking Trends. We summarize the data in the ranking report and show you totals by month. These figures will be compared to previous months' results as well as our baseline "before" data so you can see the increases.
  • Search Engine Submission and Re-optimization. We will submit your site to the search engines and re-potimize pages on an as needed basis.
  • Website Traffic. Using web analytic software that we install on your site, we'll pull out the key information and create another easy-to-read, report for you. It'll show the total number of visitors and how many were generated by search engines. These figures will be compared to previous months' results so you can see the increases.

The purpose of reports is to track our results and ensure that there are no problem areas. If any red flags are uncovered, we work with you to solve the problem.

Search Engine Optimization | Search Engine Optimization Reporting


Wright Consulting Firm has a proven track record of increasing sales and leads, increasing traffic, improving design and usability, and tracking web site performance for businesses locally and nationally through our Expert Search Engine Optimization Services.


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